Will Chandler is the lead vocalist and is considered by many to be the number 1 Sir Cliff Richard performing lookalike. Even Sir Cliff Richard himself commented to Will on his remarkable resemblance when they first met in 2008, announcing, "It's good to meet me!"

Will started his Cliff tribute act in 2007, just prior to Sir Cliff's 50th show business anniversary in 2008.

The Cliff As If show has since travelled right across Europe at theatres, resorts, clubs, private functions, corporate events and music festivals.
Will has developed the Cliff Richard tribute act to be not just about the music, but also comedy. Will takes a very light-hearted approach to his tribute to the Peter Pan of Pop and laughs are plentiful in the show: everyone is invited to join in the fun.
Partnering with the Golden Shadows provides the musical sound and look for what is the Cliff As If and the Golden Shadows act.


James is the Golden Shadows lead guitarist. He grew up in a household listening to the Shadows music as his father was a keen fan. James cites Hank Marvin as his musical influence and loves to play all those Hank style riffs. James was formally the lead guitarist with the Ace Tones Rock 'n' Roll Band.
More to follow.


Ian first became interested in pop music when Beatlemania started in 1963. Although he was only eight years old it seemed to really catch his imagination and he remembers learning the words to songs and creating a scrapbook with pictures of the various bands of the day. From that time he really wanted to play guitar in a band but it was not until his mid teens that he really did anything about it. By chance he mentioned to a work colleague that he wanted to play guitar in a band and his colleague said that his son-in-law played in a band in the 1960s and now did informal guitar lessons. Ian made arrangements to have some lessons and never looked back. He really wanted to play music by the Shadows, Beatles, Rolling Stones and Kinks etc. and the guitar teacher knew how to play them all, which was brilliant. It got to the point where he learned so quickly that the guitar teacher couldn't keep up!
During the 70's and 80's Ian played in a number of function bands such as Freeway, After Eight and Nite Life. He also played in duos when the band had no gig. Later he took a break due to work commitments as he was often travelling and therefore not available for practices and gigs.
Ian formed The Pop Pickers in 2016 with Graham and the band gigs regularly around the south coast. Joining the Golden Shadows and working with Will and James has provided great variety and enjoyment and an opportunity to play some of the great Cliff and the Shadows music.


Graham is the Golden Shadows bass player and started getting interested in music in the late fifties when his older brother began playing bass in a local band whose drummer went on to play in The Troggs. His eldest brother played a tea chest bass in a skiffle group that won a talent contest in a holiday camp!
After a short period of trying to play the drums, Graham bought his first guitar second-hand for £1.50, roughly 3 months pocket money! Along with a couple of mates, who were all huge fans of The Shadows, it was not long before a group was formed using some very cheap and nasty guitars and amplifiers. They began playing in various local youth clubs.
Later Graham joined a band called The Magistrates who not only had a van to get around in, but a manager/agent who arranged gigs most weekends in the New forest area.
After a break of a couple of years Graham joined the Tommy Woods Band playing clubs, hotels and functions in the Southampton area. He then put away the bass and picked up the guitar when he joined with a couple of mates from his original band and played the clubs and pubs calling themselves Winds of Change. Then back on the bass in a duo called Tandem where he played the clubs in the Portsmouth area followed by a group called Tracy and the Rich Uncles. The highlight would be playing keyboards in The Replacements at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.
Retirement seemed likely until he answered an advertisement in Gumtree and soon after found himself a founder member of The Pop Pickers along with Ian. Later the Golden Shadows were in need of a permanent bass player and so Graham combines both roles and is back playing Shadows music where it all started.


Alex is an exceptional drummer who’s playing always excites a crowd. He’s played with Will Chandler in various Cliff & The Shadows bands over the years.
Alex goes out of his way to reproduce Brian Bennett’s wonderful style, and Will considers Alex’s performances and attention to detail second to none. Alex’s enthusiasm and obvious joy of playing is truly infectious. We know you will love hearing him, and you’ll definitely enjoy watching him!
Alex also plays in a rock covers band, playing in both UK and Germany with French and German musicians; he plays in an originals band in the Midlands; he demonstrates to other drummers at drum clinics and trade shows here and in Germany, and he has quite a following on YouTube - over 2 million views of his drum videos!
For the past two years running, Alex has been an official nominee for a global award - ‘Edrummer of the  Year.’ The ‘E’ stands for ‘electronic’. He didn’t quite win, but nonetheless, it’s quite an achievement!
Come along to a show and find out what all the fuss is about. You will not be disappointed!
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